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What our customers are saying

Luminous Ministries presented Random Catholic Treasures at our parish. It was wonderful. Carol and Kristen engage the people at different levels through music, costume and direct discussion. The heart, the mind, that part of us that rejoices at beauty, all were engaged. One little girl said it best: 'This is better than a Disney princess!' Thank you, Carol and Kristen!

Fr. Robert Showers, Pastor St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Angola, Indiana

What our customers are saying

It was such a blessing to have Carol and Kristen present The Demands of Courage at our school. The students were drawn into the performance, and the discussion/scenarios afterward helped reinforce the message for the day. I'm always looking for more ways to bring our students closer to God, and Luminous Ministries has the same commitment. We are already discussing how we can bring them back to kickoff the next school year!

Joseph Linder, Principal, Divine Mercy Catholic School, Payne, Ohio

What our customers are saying

Luminous Ministries has gracefully and beautifully presented original music and lyrics based on Sacred Scripture that helps God's holy Word come alive in a new way.  Furthermore, this signature of theirs coupled with teaching of the Catholic faith in a dialogue format has aided many parishioners and students here in their growth and formation of the faith.  Many people have appreciated this unique and specialized ministry and look forward to future opportunities with Luminous Ministries.  It is my belief that Luminous Ministries is truly a blessing to have in our Diocese, one that aides in the journey of the faithful to become holy disciples.

Fr. Jason J. Kahle, Pastor, former Pastor at St. Thomas More University Parish, Bowling Green State University

What our customers are saying

Carol and Kristen’s work to evangelize is unique and talented, but more than that I recommend them because of who they are: incredibly loving women with a passion for Jesus, for art and beauty, and for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ…Their witness is one of holy disciples, a holy family, and undoubtedly will help produce and sustain holy vocations for years to come. 

Peter Range, Director of the Office for Life and Justice, Diocese of Toledo

What our customers are saying

What a Spirit-filled team! This mother and daughter draw upon the riches of the Catholic tradition and present them in a way both creative and deeply moving. I pondered the challenge of The Mystic in You for weeks after they spoke at Lial Renewal Center. Carol and Kristen live the faith they share and awake in their listeners the desire to do the same.

  Sr. Mary Dean Pfahler, SND, Former Director of Lial Renewal Center

What our customers are saying

This was one of the best mission presentations we have had. Our parishioners enjoyed it very much and we have had nothing but gratitude and excitement about the presentation...The fact of a mother daughter team gave us the opening to appeal to a cross generational audience and we are very glad we did as more teens and young people attended this year than in prior years...We at St. John, Cromwell would be very happy to invite them back at a future date.

Uchenna Iloeje, Lenten Mission Committee Chair, 

St. John Church, Cromwell, Connecticut 

What our customers are saying

Luminous Ministries, Carol and Kristen Kurivial, proved to be just what we needed for our staff retreat. I was able to give them two words (optimism and mission) and they were able to develop a retreat day that delivered both. We renewed our core mission and developed optimism for our journey ahead. They were great. I would highly recommend them.

           Fr. Todd Dominique, Pastor St. Caspar Catholic Church, Wauseon, Ohio

What our customers are saying

Carol and Kristen came to our community and conducted a retreat.  This one-day of reflection was a great opportunity for me to look at my Life in Christ in a way that I never imagined.  WOW!! Their energized and engaging presentation was very inspiring to say the least. Their use of the arts, dancing and singing, in union with scripture, prayer and the lives of the Saints made it an interesting and inspiring experience. You can definitely trust your faith journey to these two faith filled, inspiring and engaging ladies.

Michael Westrick, facilitator of St. Louis de Montfort's Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, Diocese of Toledo

What our customers are saying

Carol and Kristen led our faculty and staff in 7 Gifts of Illumination using Gospel truths, humor and more to share their deep love for Jesus. They are on fire with the Holy Spirit and our Catholic faith! We were rejuvenated and newly inspired to build the Kingdom of God in everything we do, or as they put it, 'to get to Heaven and to take as many people with us as possible.' No matter where you are in your faith life, it is very difficult to be in their presence and not be spiritually moved closer to Christ and the precious gift of our Catholic faith!

Lisa Cinadr, Principal St. Ambrose Catholic School, Brunswick, OH, Diocese of Cleveland