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"May [this child] keep the flame of faith alive in [their] heart." These words are spoken at every Catholic baptism, of which there are thousands every Sunday in America alone. According to the latest research put out by Dynamic Catholic, of those thousands of babies baptized, only 85% will go on to receive First Communion, 58% will be confirmed, and only 9% will still be practicing their faith by the time they turn 22. Clearly, much work is needed to "keep the flame of faith alive." Keep the Fire Burning is a retreat designed to combat these statistics by demonstrating the potent gift we have been given in our Catholic faith. Together we will illuminate the beauty of Catholicism by delving into prayer, praise and worship, the sacraments, the Examine, the Bible, the life and teachings of Jesus, and so much more. Take the fire ignited in your soul at Baptism and fan it into an even larger flame. As St. Catherine of Sienna once said, "If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire." Let's keep the fire burning...and set the whole world ablaze.

Book Keep the Fire Burning