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Blog Post #49: Anticipate the Dawn

Lent | Jesus Christ | Death | Lenten Journey | Darkness | Dawn | Resurrection | Devotional

February 9, 2021 by Kristen (Kurivial) Hug

Let’s be honest, Lent is brutal. It is 40 days of dealing with the death of our Divine Lord who we killed. That’s dark and we’ve had a lot of darkness as of late, so I completely understand if you feel all “Lent-ed” out and are ready to just skip ahead to Easter.

But…if we do that, we miss out on so much. Maybe what we really need to do is change our mindset for how we enter into this darkness. As mom mentioned in a recent video after reading an article about nuns helping the sick during the last pandemic, when asked how they coped with all they witnessed and experienced day after day they said, “We are women who anticipate the dawn while dealing with the darkness.” Powerful! “We are women who anticipate the dawn while dealing with the darkness.” And maybe that’s the mindset we need as we enter into this Lenten season beginning Wednesday, February 17.

To help you with that entrance into the darkness and anticipation of the light, we created a daily Lenten devotional available as a hardcopy and CD combo, a hardcopy and iTunes combo, or as an eBook which has all the music included. It is unique in that it is based on our original musicals which follow Claudia Procula (wife of Pontius Pilate), Mary Magdalene (friend and follower of Jesus), and Mary, Mother of God (the Mother of Jesus), as they witness the events of Christ’s suffering and death. Each day begins with a track from one of the musicals, followed by a corresponding message, and three questions to help you deal with the darkness and anticipate the dawn.

We hope that you will join us on this Lenten Journey and enter into the darkness, because we know that although the darkness of Lent is brutal, that darkness gives way to the Resurrection…the eternal and everlasting Dawn!  

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