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Blog Post #3: The Tranquil Life

Jesus | Tranquility | Modern Living | Healthy Lifestyle | WWJD

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 by Carol Kurivial

Jesus never ran around like a chicken with His head chopped off, and, as the Savior of the world, would have had every good reason to be a bit overwhelmed. So, if Jesus could stay calm, what’s our excuse? Exactly! We have none. Whose job is more important, yours, or being the Savior of the world?

1 Thessalonians 4:11 encourages us to “aspire to live a tranquil life.”

So what’s up with this “tranquil life” verbiage? Is there such a thing? Paul had no idea what life would be like in the 21st century, or he certainly wouldn’t have written those words! A tranquil life! What’s that?

I love the thought of a tranquil life. Even the word “tranquil” makes me feel better. It’s just so, well, tranquil sounding. And isn’t a tranquil life a good thing? Most people think so. It sure beats being hurried and hassled. When you think about it, there’s never really a good enough reason for that kind of attitude and lifestyle.

Admittedly, as a Type A, I have always struggled with the tranquil life thing. I like to blame it on my very first professional job as a speech and communications teacher. All my classes required subjective grading (speech outlines and such) which I tend to think is exhausting. I also directed a fall play, a spring musical, a weekly television program, and supervised a 200+ member drama club. Additionally, I was working on a Masters degree and was trying to live a balanced life. And then the school principal asked me if I wanted to be the cheerleading advisor! Are you serious? He was. I declined, but I still had a lot on my plate and got in the habit of using every minute of my day in some form of productivity. I lived like this for so long that it became habitual. I thought it was healthy, expected, the sign of a thriving life.

I was wrong. And, thankfully, I eventually came to terms with my erred thinking. It had something to do with natural consequences and discontented living. I just wanted more peace and calm and tranquility.

But it wasn’t exactly like flipping a switch. It has taken a lot of intentionality and trying to hold myself accountable to what I know is important. But I like to think I’m moving in the right direction.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about keeping oneself calm in the midst of stress, anguish, heartache, chaos, overwhelming schedules and too much on the plate. I ended the conversation by suggesting that we both focus on entering into the inner sanctuary of our own souls...our inner tabernacle, if you will. It’s a very sacred place and space, and the more I go there, the more tranquil I become. Hey, I think Paul was on to something. And the cool thing is that you can go there even when everything around you feels crazy and out of control. Go ahead, try it, and see for yourself if Paul’s advice and Jesus' example isn’t something worth following.

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