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Blog Post #15 - Get Rid of the "B" Word!

Bored | Leo Buscaglia | Adventure | Read | Connect | Creator

Monday, October 14, 2019 by Kristen (Kurivial) Hug 

“If you are bored, you’re probably boring as hell!” At least that’s what Leo Buscaglia always said. Who wants to be described as boring as hell? Not me! So how do you keep from being bored, boring, and a straight up bore? I would like to suggest actively pursuing adventure! It could be scoping out a sweet little spot or pulling a random book off the shelf. For me, this weekend was made up of both.

For starters, I pulled a book off the shelf, and learned about the pressures society puts on men. The facts and figures presented have taken my thoughts down paths that definitely stray from my normal train of thought. Paths of intrigue, like why is crying frowned upon in men? Paths of inquiry, like what is the motivation when men enter an arena or stadium, is it for the love of the game or because it’s the only place they are legally allowed to beat other men to a pulp with decades of pent up anger and aggression? Paths of impact, like learning that men in the military are twice as likely to have experienced sexual abuse as a child compared to their nonmilitary counterparts. Reading this content, asking questions, and seeking answers and solutions, made for anything but boring contemplations and conversation over the last few days. That is the adventure my reading created in my life this week and, then, scoping out a sweet new space led me to an all-together different adventure!

Hum-drum would be the last word I would use to describe this unique spot I frequented while ‘sploring (cousin Chad’s term for exploring). We are blessed that our hometown of Bryan, Ohio, is neatly tucked between Toledo and Ft. Wayne which provides a plethora of places and spaces to explore. This time, my friend and I set our sights on Ft. Wayne. Weeks earlier my mom had stumbled upon a castle gallery and encouraged us to check it out. We dared ourselves to open a new door, one with a huge wrought iron knocker. Inside were artistic masterpieces. We strolled from parlor to dinning room, every inch of wall displaying a different creation. Some of the paintings came to life with the use of a palette knife, others with the stroke of a brush, but in each image an invitation was being offered.

So answer the call. Refuse to be boring as hell. Inhabit the adventure of life and let that spirit of excitement, energy, and connection carry you closer to your Creator. See each moment as an opportunity to lean into learning, to color your canvas, and to eliminate the “B” word. I think we’ll find that when we do, we are a little bit closer to Heaven on earth!

If you need some help inhabiting this adventure and seeing the opportunities to connect with the Great Old Spirit each day, we invite you to the join us for our home retreat on Wednesday, October 23 entitled Reflect, Renew, Reignite: Becoming Who God Created You to Be for Earth and Heaven. We’ll be offering the retreat both in the morning from 9:00 – noon and again in the evening from 7 – 9 in our home at 116 Brown Drive, Bryan, Ohio. Register online, or, if preferable, you can also sign up by calling us at 419.630.6410 (Carol) or 419.553.9207 (Kristen). October 23 is the ideal time to leave the mundane moments behind, and infuse every moment with spiritual spunk and spark!

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